ClickCease VR Power Bank for Oculus Quest – VR Balance
VR Power Bank for Oculus Quest

VR Power Bank for Oculus Quest

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  • Small and Light 5000 mAh power bank
  • Extend Gameplay up to 6 Hours total (Depends on game)
  • Charges the Quest While you play (some games will drain faster)
  • You can easily remove the VR Power and only use when needed. 
  • VR Power has additional USB Port to run VR n Chill while still plugged into Quest
  • Can be used as a regular Powerbank for your phone when not on Quest
  • Short USB C cable with little slack for distraction free connection
  • Purchase a second VR Power for so one can charge while you play then swap for infinite game time (but you should take a break).
  • Compatible with VR Balance 2.0 Only
  • Charge with your Oculus Cable. USB Adapter included